Unofficial Stamford Election Results

Here are the unofficial Stamford Elections Results.

Thank you to all of the volunteers who were at the polls for Election Night reporting.

* indicates a candidate responded to our Voters Guide

There are now 70,449 registered voters in Stamford. 44,199 voted in the midterm elections for a 63% voter turn out.

US Senate

DemocratChristopher S Murphy29,253
Working FamiliesChristopher S Murphy700
Total for Murphy29,953Winner
RepublicanMatthew Corey12,651
LibertarianRichard L Lion283
GreenJeff Russell165
Write InFred Linck4
Write InKristi L Talmadge0

US House

DemocratJim Himes*28,339Winner
RepublicanHarry Arora*13,003
IndependentHarry Arora*578
Total for Arora13,581
Write InYusheng Peng0


DemocratNed Lamont & Susan Bysiewicz*27,048
Working FamiliesNed Lamont & Susan Bysiewicz*399
Total for Lamont/Bysiewicz27,447Winner
RepublicanBob Stefanowski & Joe Markley*14,913
IndependentBob Stefanowski & Joe Markley*565
Total for Stefanowski/Markley15,478
LibertarianRodney Hanscomb & Jeffrey Thibeault174
Amigo Constitution Liberty Mark Stewart Greenstein & John Demitrus36
Griebel Frank for CTOz Griebel & Monte E Frank390
Write-InLee Whitnum & Jacey Wyatt0

Secretary of the State

DemocratDenise W Merrill*27,177
Working FamiliesDenise W Merrill*431
Total for Merrill27,608Winner
RepublicanSusan Chapman13,512
IndependentSusan Chapman613
Total for Chapman14,125
LibertarianHeather Lynn Sylvestre Gwynn252
GreenS Michael DeRosa*390


DemocratShawn Wooden26,446
Working FamiliesShawn Wooden1,007
Total for Wooden27,453Winner
RepublicanThad Gray14,003
IndependentThad Gray651
Total for Gray14, 654
LibertarianJesse Brohinsky337
Write InW Michael Downes0


DemocratKevin Lembo*26,368
Working FamiliesKevin Lembo*551
Total for Lembo26,919Winner
RepublicanKurt Miller13,498
IndependentKurt Miller643
Total for Miller14,141
LibertarianPaul Passarelli395
GreenEdward G Heflin293

Attorney General

DemocratWilliam Tong*27,824
Working FamiliesWilliam Tong*674
Total for Tong28,498Winner
RepublicanSue Hatfield*12,983
IndependentSue Hatfield*648
Total for Hatfield13,631
GreenPeter D Goselin302

State Senate District 27

DemocratCarlo Leone*20,915Winner
RepublicanJerry Bosak*9,335
IndependentJerry Bosak*491
Total for Bosak9,826
GreenCora M Santaguida373

State Senate District 36

DemocratAlex Bergstein*6,968Winner
RepublicanL Scott Frantz*4,500
IndependentL Scott Frantz*150
Total for Frantz4,650
GreenMegan E Cassano72

State Representative 144

DemocratCaroline Simmons*7,242Winner

State Representative 145

DemocratPatricia Billie Miller4,580Winner
RepublicanFritz Blau965

State Representative 146

DemocratDavid Michel*5,913Winner
RepublicanDan Pannone2,257

State Representative 147

DemocratMatt Blumenthal*5,397Winner
RepublicanAnzelmo Graziosi*3,369
IndependentAnzelmo Graziosi*152
Total for Graziosi3,519

State Representative 148

DemocratDaniel J Fox*5,013Winner
RepublicanPhilip Balestriere*1,604

State Representative 149

RepublicanLivvy Floren*2,297Winner

Judge of Probate District 53

DemocratGerald Fox III31,822Winner

Board of Education

DemocratDavid Mannis*25,778
DemocratJon Carlo Gallup23,378
DemocratJacki Pioli*27,904Winner
GreenMichael Schmidt3,499
Petitioning CandidateMike Altamura5,842Winner
Petitioning CandidateFrank Cerasoli*4,165Winner

Reminder that only 1 Democrat could win due to minority party representation rules. See our FAQs page for more information.