The League of Women Voters of Stamford is a nonpartisan, voter advocacy organization. We do not endorse candidates or political parties. There are some issues that we believe transcend partisan ideology. LWV positions can be issued by local, state and/or national levels. Once a position is accepted by membership, individual LWV organizations can advocate for laws to be created or amended to advance these issues.

On this page, you will find links to the positions in brief, as well as information for important topics that we are currently working on at all levels of the League.

Additionally, on occasion, individual Leagues may take on a study of an issue. The LWV US provides guidelines that local or state Leagues use to create a study which fits their organization’s resources. The last LWV Stamford study was completed in 2010 and explored Stamford’s Firefighting Services.

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Political Gerrymandering Explained – SubscriptLaw
How Gerrymandering Hurts Our Democracy — And How We Can Fix It

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