Local Candidates

Links are to the candidate’s official campaign website where available, the second link is to the Stamford Advocate Insider article on each candidate (requires a subscription to the Advocate to read).

*-indicates incumbent

Board of Education – Vote for Any Three

Fritz G. Chery (D)Stamford Advocate
Daniel Dauplaise (D)Stamford Advocate
Jennienne Burke (D)*Stamford Advocate
Nicholas Tarzia (R)* – Stamford Advocate
Rebecca Hamman (R) – Stamford Advocate
Margaret Feeney (R) – Stamford Advocate
Rolf Maurer (G)Stamford Advocate

Minority Representation rules apply to this election. Please see our FAQ page or Voters Guide for more information.

Special Election – Board of Education – Vote for One

Jack Bryant (D)Stamford Advocate
Eva Maldonado (R) – Stamford Advocate

This is a special election to replace departing Board member Betsy Allyn (D). Term is for one year.

Board of Finance – Vote for Any Three

Geoff Alswanger (D) – Stamford Advocate
Mary Lou Rinaldi (D)* – Stamford Advocate
David Kooris (D)* – Stamford Advocate
Andrew Krill (R) – Stamford Advocate
Chris Woodside (R) – Stamford Advocate
Fritz Blau (R) – Stamford Advocate

Special Election – Board of Representatives – District 14 – Vote for One

Jeff Curtis (D)Stamford Advocate
Tony Spadaccini (R)* – Stamford Advocate

Map of Board of Representatives Districts

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